New Features in 0.13.3

PyBuilder 0.13.3 introduced two new features:

  • Resettable integration test Python virtual environment.
  • The activated build environments can now be introspected from the project.

Resettable Integration Test Environment

Sometimes an integration test modifies its virtual environment by, for example, installing or upgrading packages. This, naturally, has potential to affect other tests running after it, compromising repeatability.

Setting integrationtest_python_env_recreate property to True will ensure that the integration test virtual environment is recreated and repopulated by the PyBuilder prior to every test.

PyBuilder uses this feature here to test itself.

Build Environment Introspection

PyBuilder allows specifying an environment option (using -E) to modify build behavior based on the external environment in which the build is running. This is most useful when activating plugins that are only useable in the CI or other special-purpose environments ( e.g. coveralls) .

Now PyBuilder also allows users to introspect activated environments by retrieving project.environments.

For more details please see the v0.13.3 release notes.