Release Notes - Version 0.10.x

Version 0.10.63

  • Fixed a regression introduced in 0.10.62 where the unit test reports generated by the python.unittest plugin would always be empty.

Version 0.10.62

  • Allow to specify a custom unittest runner. See PR for more information (pull request by arcivanov.

Version 0.10.61

  • pycharm plugin: Generate entries for unit and integration test directories (if respective plugins are activated) and mark them as test sources (pull request by arcivanov)

Version 0.10.60

  • sphinx plugin: you can now configure sphinx_doc_author, sphinx_doc_builder, sphinx_project_name, sphinx_project_version via project.set_property in your (pull request by @locolupo)
  • sphinx plugin: pyb –start-project now asking for a documentation folder (pull request by @locolupo)
  • sphinx plugin: new task, sphinx_quickstart (pull request by @locolupo)
  • install dependencies plugin: Setting the property install_dependencies_local_mapping to a dictionary allows to specify where the dependencies are to be installed locally. The dictionary should map dependency names to paths where the dependencies should be installed.

Version 0.10.59

  • integrationtest plugin: The property integrationtest_always_verbose can now be used to always display the integration test output, even when the tests are green. Pull request by @snordhausen

Version 0.10.58

  • Fixed python3 incompatibility introduced in 0.10.57

Version 0.10.57

  • Using editable URLs in a requirements.txt file now works - integrating the requirements into PyBuilder with project.depends_on_requirements("requirements.txt") was not generating the correct setup script.

Version 0.10.56

  • Resolved problems where the python unittest plugin would cause a crash when a test failed with an exception containing non-ascii text.

Version 0.10.55

  • Resolved python3 compatibility issue introduced with 0.10.54

Version 0.10.54

  • Improved the cyclic dependency detection algorithm used to resolve task dependencies
  • Added possibility for tasks to introspect their dependencies (see #122)

Version 0.10.53

  • Fix autoversioning for older git version like found on RHEL6.

    Pull request by @schlomo, thanks!

Version 0.10.52

  • Ignore errors while trying to save coverage data This fixes #119. In cases where there is no coverage data at all, saving leads to an error, which would crash the build even if coverage_break_build was set to False.

Version 0.10.51

  • The snakefood plugin will now pull in the snakefood dependency as intended.

Version 0.10.50

  • The snakefood plugin will now generate external and internal project reports (external dependencies and internal dependencies, respectively).

Version 0.10.49

  • Added API functionality to automatically version the project based on the version control system.

Version 0.10.48

  • Sonarqube plugin: Should now correctly report coverage.

Version 0.10.46

  • Sonarqube plugin: Fixed source path setting.

Version 0.10.45

  • Coverage plugin: now writes a cobertura compatible XML report to the reports directory.
  • New plugin: sonarqube plugin, which can be used to run sonar analysis.

Version 0.10.44

  • Coverage plugin: Should now work with coveralls without further adjustements since a coverage data file is written.

Version 0.10.43

  • Coverage plugin: Try really hard to work well with coveralls

    The coverage configuration is used to tell coverage to avoid covering the python stdlib if possible, and also specifies the source root to cover. Additionally a .coverage file is written in the coverage root, so that it can be consumed by coveralls.

Version 0.10.42

  • detect teamcity environment automatically

    If the environment variable TEAMCITY_VERSION is set, teamcity output will be generated automatically. It can still be forced with the project property “teamcity_output”, and setting both the property and the environment variable will also result in teamcity specific output being generated.

Version 0.10.41

  • Default project version (when no version is given in the is now 1.0.dev0 instead of 1.0-SNAPSHOT, as per PEP 440. Pull request by @zroadhouse-wsm, thanks!

Version 0.10.40

  • Improved error messages when the setup commands from python.distutils fail.
  • Naming a script (src/main/scripts/foo) like a package (src/main/python/foo/ now works without any specific configuration. Technical detail: the property dir_dist_scripts is now set to "scripts" by default instead of None.

Version 0.10.39

  • Resolved problems with the python core plugin on windows. Packages with leading backslashes were leading to problems with the setup script. Thanks to @SzeMengTan for reporting.

Version 0.10.38

  • Initial version of a sphinx plugin. Pull request by @tjpnz, thanks!.

Version 0.10.37

  • Fix using the dir_dist_scripts property in python3 which was breaking the setup script. Thanks to @raphiz for the pull request!

Version 0.10.36

Version 0.10.35

  • The generated is now correct even if the $dir_source_main_python contains a trailing slash. See issue 110 for more details. Thanks @MirkoRossini for reporting!
  • The pyb -Qt line format is now $task_name:$task_description. This allows for better completions by also exposing the task names.

Version 0.10.34

  • The jedi linter has been externalized, please use pypi:pybuilder_jedi_plugin now.
  • The task list (-t) in very quiet mode (-Q) will now output space separated task data.

Version 0.10.33

  • The filter_resources plugin will now warn and skip keys that can not be replaced. This allows the use of string.Template in source files that go through the filter_resources plugin.

Version 0.10.32

  • implement using requirements files as dependencies

Version 0.10.31

  • Improved output of the jedi plugin

Version 0.10.30

  • Resolved some problems with the bundled jedi plugin

Version 0.10.29

  • Added plugin jedi_linter (EXPERIMENTAL)

Version 0.10.28

  • Resolved a python 3 compatibility problem with the exec plugin.

Version 0.10.27

  • Added another pybuilder command pyb_. which is a binary (.exe) on windows installations of PyBuilder. This should be used instead of the pyb script on windows installations.

Version 0.10.26

  • install_dependencies should now work as intended on windows.

Version 0.10.25

  • Fixed a problem when the installed pip had no version which is the case of old installations.

Version 0.10.24

  • Fixed a problem with the distutils plugin. Using slashes in distutils_commands resulted in problems as it was interpreted as a path. This is now resolved.

Version 0.10.23

  • It is now possible to use the distutils_commands property for an automated upload, since the distutils_plugin will now do the right thing when presented with a command with spaces, like [sdist upload]

Version 0.10.22

  • Unit tests names will now be logged to DEBUG as they run. Thanks @aelgru!
  • Introduced a new property for the install_dependencies plugin, install_dependencies_insecure_installation.

Version 0.10.21

  • Maintenance release (updated trove classifiers for PyPI)

Version 0.10.20

  • The --start-project (to get started with a new project) now suggests the default scripts directory and creates it. Files in this folder will automatically be shipped as scripts (as in the scripts kwarg) which might be /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin or so, depending on your system.

Version 0.10.19

  • The frosted and flake8 linter now consider the property frosted|flake8_include_scripts. If this is set to True (default False) then all scripts in $dir_source_main_scripts will be linted too.
  • The integrationtest plugin may now pass arbitrary additional command line parts to the integrationtest call. The property integrationtest_additional_commandline can be used for that purpose.

Version 0.10.18

  • Python files in $dir_source_main_python (src/main/python by default) are now treated as standalone python modules. Previously, it was only possible to package python files by putting them in a package.

Version 0.10.17

  • The frosted_property now works as intended.

Version 0.10.16

  • The pycharm plugin now ignores the target directory by default.

Version 0.10.15

  • Fixed a minor rendering issue in integrationtest_parallel

Version 0.10.14

  • External plugin support : It is now finally possible to use plugins published to PyPI. See the manual for more information.

Version 0.10.13

  • Cram support : The python.cram plugin can be used to run cram tests. Kudos go to @esc for the implementation.

Version 0.10.12

  • Bldsup support : custom tasks and per-project specifics can be stored in a separate directory (default: bldsup). Kudos go to @markmevans for implementing this.

Version 0.10.11

  • New plugin : python.frosted
  • New API to write plugins that wrap a console command that is run on source files
  • Flake8 error handling improved

Version 0.10.10

  • It should no longer occur that CI servers count unit tests twice when coverage is used.
  • TeamCity service messages for unit test failures are now well-formed

Version 0.10.8

  • The property “teamcity_output” can be set to True so that teamcity messages are produced by the python.unittest and python.integrationtest plugin. Please note that the coverage plugin also runs unit tests and might lead to teamcity counting the amount of unit tests twice.

Version 0.10.6

  • pyb --start-project now activates the plugin python.install_dependencies by default.

Version 0.10.5

  • pyb --start-project will now suggest a few plugins.

Version 0.10.4

Version 0.10.3

  • The unittest, pyfix and integrationtest plugins now find modules (or files, for the integrationtest plugin) using globs. Kudos to markmevans for this feature!

Version 0.10.2

  • Fixed a bug leading to the creation of strange files when dependencies with a version greater than x (foo>=1.0) were specified.

Version 0.10.1

  • Source and test directories are now correctly handed to the unittest’s PYTHONPATH, thus it is no longer a pain to test a package which is also locally installed.

Version 0.10.0

  • Better reporting when unittests fail. Thanks @esc!
  • The parallel integration test progress bar now uses backspaces instead of carriage returns. This improves the experience on small width terminals.
  • The deprecated module pythonbuilder has now been removed. Please replace pythonbuilder with pybuilder in your imports if that is not already the case.