No Virtual Environments Feature in 0.12.9

Due to requests of Anaconda environment users PyBuilder version 0.12.9 introduced a --no-venvs option. This option turns off all Python virtual environment management implemented in 0.12.x for those users who prefer (or must) manager their own virtual environments.

This feature essentially reverts PyBuilder v0.12.x to v0.11.x behavior.

As in v0.11.x such behavior comes with very serious repercussions that include:

  • Pollution of Python environment with PyBuilder plugin dependencies potentially leading to unexpected and unreproducible failures both in PyBuilder and in your project.
  • Pollution of Python environment with project artifacts, resulting in problems debugging and running tests.
  • Potentially inconsistent Coverage results arising from coverage tracked for files installed in the virtual environment rather than the source tree.

If you decide to use --no-venvs option, please understand there are significant and potentially severe consequences to code quality.